Creating account for downloading employee electronic sick leaves.

Step by step guide:

Enter site
Log in to PUE using one of the offered methods:
Login and password,
Trusted profile,
Qualified certificate,
Online banking.

Warning! If you do not have a PUE account, register:

After login:
Go to view “Płatnik” (top right corner).

Then click on “Zaświadczenia lekarskie”,
Scroll to the bottom of the page,

Set email and password by clicking on “Ustaw adres e-mail i hasło”,

Click “Save”.

The next step is to define schedule.

ZUS e-ZLA limited the creation of automatic reports to a week or month. The only exception is having more than a thousand insured, then you can define a schedule to generate daily.

Click on "Modyfikuj harmonogram".

Select the schedule status to make it active.
Choose periodicity:
Weekly - "Co tydzień"
Every month - "Co miesiąc"
Fill in the day of the week on which day the reports are to be generated when "Weekly" is selected, or select the date of the first report if "Monthly" is selected.
Enter EXACTLY the same password that you defined when entering the email and password in the previous sections.

Click “Save”.

Created account connection inEwi.

To do so:
Sign in to
Go to system Settings (by clicking on the account in the upper right corner) > Integrations > click “Connect” next to ZUS e-ZLA,

Enter the email address, password (previously defined on the PUE website) and Tax Id number of the company, and then click “Connect”.

In the configuration view, enter the PESEL numbers of all employees for whom you want the sick leaves to be downloaded automatically.

Download reports generated from the last 2 days take place every day.

⚠ Despite the daily synchronisation on the inEwi side, generating reports in the ZUS e-ZLA (PUE) system is done only in a weekly or monthly interval. This causes the integration to not work in real time, which results in a delay in the import (L4) from ZUS e-ZLA, up to a maximum of one month (depending on the selection of the define schedule).

For subsequent reconfiguration, simply go to Settings > Integrations and click the “Configuration” next to ZUS e-ZLA.

To disconnect, click the button “Disconnect” next to ZUS e-ZLA.

💡 You can also import or update the list of employees with PESEL numbers directly from the Excel file.

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