Basic information about TIME-OFF module.


List of requests
To display List of requests you need to go to the TIME OFF view. The button is available on the upper menu bar. Here you can see all requests (waiting, accepted or rejected). You can use filter to find particular requests by month, status of the request or just use the filter field. There is a possibility to print the request or export to the PDF file. Just click on the selected request, then use a disc or a printer icon.

Three points
Click on the three points next to employee data in the Time-Off view.

Annual view
To display the annual view of the selected employee.

To export Time-Off calendar to CSV file.

To export Time-Off calendar to Excel file.

To export Time-Off calendar to PDF file.

How to add the time-off?
Click on the selected day, choice kind of the absence from the list.

Delete Time-Off
To delete Time-Off you need to click on the selected, then click red button DELETE.

Kinds of the absences
inEwi has default kinds of the absences. Applications allows you to add your own kinds of the absences.
Go to the Settings > Time-off > View/Edit button > Add a new type.

Skip weekends
To skip automatically in your requests Saturdays and Sundays.

Skip holidays
To skip automatically defined holidays in the settings.

You can attaché a file to the request. You can add .jpg, .png, .bmp, files. Maximum size of the file is 2MB.
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