You will in this article how to create schedules for employees.


How to add a schedule:

Click on the selected day.
Select STANDARD or FLEXIBLE schedule.
Select schedule type. Standard with fixed hours of start and end, or Flexible with option to set number of working hours.
Optionally you can define the position.
We can select options:

Count time before schedule – if employee clocks in before the schedule, every minute will be counted as an overtime
Count time after schedule – if employee clocks out after the schedule, every minute will be counted as an overtime
Overtime schedule – the whole day is counted as overtime.
Add automatic break - after selecting this option, specify the duration in minutes for the day. As a result, users do not have to report an event break manually. The break can be subtract from the working time or not. The break time subtracted from working time, will reduce the norm for that day.

Click SAVE.
The schedule has been planned. Now click the blue button PUBLISH.
That’s all!

Delete the Schedule
To delete schedule click on the selected day and click the DELETE button.

Schedule wizard
Schedule wizards lets you to create a schedule for group of users.

If employee planned a day off. The information will be displayed above the schedule.

Business trip
If you planned business trip, you will receive a black bar on the planned schedule.

Click to export to the file.

When you click on the printer icon, the application will generate schedule to PDF file.

The printout of the schedule in the weekly view also contains information about the assigned "Position" to employees.
It’s the approval of prepared Schedule. Until you don’t publish Schedule, it will not be available for employees.

Three points (next to name and surname)

You can clear the schedule for the selected employee.

Selecting this option will clear the entire schedule of a employee in the selected period (monthly, weekly, any view).
To employee
You can copy selected schedule for another employee.

Annual View
Click to display annual view.

Click to export to the CSV file.

Click to export to the Excel file.

Click to export to the PDF file.

Click to export to the iCalendar file
Send as iCalendar
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