Permissions is the one of the most important feature in inEwi.


inEwi offers 5 default permissions:
Advanced user,

If you want to know, what is the range of particular permission:

Go to the SETTINGS.
Click on the EYE icon on the selected permission.

Important: the head-admin permission (available only for the account creator) is the overriding permission. You can’t delete or change it.

The head-admin and administrators of the account can create new permissions:

Go to the Settings.
Click on the blue button ADD NEW PERMISSON.
Create the name and description (optionally).
Every selected checkbox allows to use particular feature of the application.
Click SAVE.

After creating a new permissions you have to set it for the employee.

Go to the EMPLOYEES view.
Hover the mouse cursor over the selected employee.
Click on the pencil icon.
Select PERMISSIONS category.
From the column PERMISSION select created permission. The RANGE column allows you to set the range of the permission.
Click SAVE.

Important: You cannot set permissions for an employee who does not have an account in the system. You need to enter the employee email address to be able to define permissions.
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