By clicking on the bell icon located in the upper right corner of the application you can check all waiting notifications.

All notifications in one place.

Here you will receive a notification about new schedule, accepted or rejected absence request, new business trip and about new waiting time-off request.

If you click on the selected notification you will be redirected to particular view.

System notifications (settings)

By clicking the account icon in the upper right corner, go to Settings > Notifications category. You will see the above settings. Adjust them to your needs and click the green "Save" button.

For proper operation of e-mail notifications, it is necessary to assign e-mail addresses for all users who are to receive such notifications. The same applies to SMS notifications. In the employee editing card (Employees view on the left), additional phone numbers and / or e-mails should be assigned.

SMSs are free 😍
*They work only for Polish numbers
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