How can I start with the inEwi? Here you will read basic information!

Create an account

To create an account click on the green button ZAŁÓŻ DARMOWE KONTO on Enter your e-mail address and set your password.

Sign Up Free

After sign up, the first time you start, you can choose whether you want to view inEwi in the mode:
DEMO - in this mode you can view sample data such as employees, schedules, times-off, business trips and employees working time (reports). This mode shows how the completed system looks like. All data from this mode will be deleted after the free period or inEwi purchase. Full information about the DEMO mode can be found here: DEMO mode.
Real-Data mode - a target account that can be implemented into the company and purchased.
The application will start in the main administrator panel. Here you can make any changes, add employees, their schedules, time-off and check the reports in both modes.

Application modules

We offer 4 modules to choose from:
Time Tracking,
Work Schedules,
Leave Management,
Business Travel Management.
You can only choose the ones you plan to use. A full description of the modules you will find at this link:
inEwi modules.

Available Time Tracking methods

Also, learn about the available methods of Time Tracking methods:
Available Time Tracking methods.

First steps 💭
Install the inEwi RCP - Rejestrator Czasu Pracy application on a tablet or smartphone - it will allow you to report statuses using a card with QR codes.
How can I add a new employee?
How can I activate an employee account?
How to print a card with a QR code to employees?
How can I add a new department?
How to add manually an event for employee (Clock In/Clock Out - time)?
How to create Schedules for employees?
How to add Time-Off for employees?
How to add Business Trip for employees?

Reports 📈
inEwi offers 4 different reports about your employees. Check out with them below:
Attendance Report
Summary Report
Detailed Report
Timesheet Report

How long is the trial period?
After creating an account you will receive 14 free days of trial period You can verify the possibilities of inEwi with all four modules, no users limit. 😎

What next?
If you decide to buy a subscription after the trial period, all you need to do is make the payment in the Payments & modules view, where you can select the amount of users, modules and period of the subscription.
How to make a payment in inEwi?
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