inEwi offers the possibility to create new statuses.

Additional statuses

How to create a new status?

Go to the Settings.
Scroll down to Statuses Management category.
Click the blue button VIEW/EDIT.
Click the blue button ADD NEW STATUS.
Describe the new status.
Select If you’d like to count time from created status to work time and possible overtime.
Maximum total duration – here you can set the maximum time of status duration.
Required minimum work time – describes the minimum work time during the day, which is necessary to count status.

Maximum total duration and Required minimum work time are optional features. You don’t have to set it.
Click SAVE.
That’s all!

inEwi automatically creates the ending of new status.

⚠ Remember that additional statuses has to be clocked between main statuses CLOCK IN and CLOCK OUT.

For example: Clock In > Break > Break (end) > Clock Out.
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