You can add your employees in two ways!

How to add an employee in the inEwi?

First method:
Go to the EMPLOYEES view and click on the plus icon ➕ in the upper menu bar.

Second method:
You can use import feature. Just click on the import icon, select Excel and download sample file. inEwi also offers import from Google Workspace (GSuite).

Basic information

Recommended photo have to has 500x500 pixels, maximum size of the file is 2MB.

Personal data
Name and surname are the required data to let your employees starting registration by using QR codes. You can also give them access to the inEwi. Just enter the e-mail address. Employee will receive an activation message.

An employee with an assigned e-mail address in the card will receive an activation link. Thanks to this, he will be able to define a password to his account and log in to inEwi with an employee's account with permissions to read his data, report status via a browser and mobile application, and the possibility of leave a time-off requests.
A full description of how to activate an employee's account can be found at this link:
How can I activate an employee account?

Contact information
It’s optional data. You don’t have to fill it.

Time Clocking

If you check the „Don't use locations limits for this employee” you will allow employee to clock in outside the defined areas. More information: click

Rates for periods
Enter base hourly rate and overtime rate for employee in a selected period. By clicking on "Add a new period" you can enter expected changes in the rates.

Work Schedule

Default position
When creating a work schedule, it will be assigned as a default.

Time off

Time off limits
Enter the number of Paid Time Off limit left for the employee in the current year and for the next year.

Employee can have assigned only one type of permission, but few ranges.
You cannot define permissions for an employee who does not have an account in the system. You need to enter the employee email address to be able to define permissions.

Every user has defined default USER permission. To change the permission you can use default defined permissions or create you own one in the Settings of the application. Click on the name of the permission to give it to the employee.

The default range is „TO ONESELF”. If you would like to wide the range all you need to do is click on the particular department name.

More information: click


Additional settings for Payroll applications (Acronym)

The default currency is USD, below you can set the individual currency for this user.

Send an invitation again
After click on this button, invitation will be send again to employee.

If an employee logged in at least once, button will be invisible.
Deactivation/activation of the account
Here you can deactivate or activate user account. If it’s necessary and available you can send here an invitation link again.
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