Event time snapping is the feature which helps you in eliminating single minutes from the work time.

To use event time snapping feature you have to have activated Time Tracking and Schedules modules.

Events time snapping

Where can I find event time snapping feature?

Go to the Settings.
Select Time Tracking category.
Scroll down until you find event time snapping feature:

Snap Clock in Times up to

Set „Snap Clock In Times up to” to 15 minutes.
Employee work time schedule is standard - 8:00 to 16:00.
Employee arrives to work and clocks in at 7:52.
TrackTime24 registers time of clock in as 7:52 but counts the work time from 8:00. You can check the details in TimeTracking > Events.

Snap clock Out Times down to

Set „Snap Clock Out Times down to” to 15 minutes.
The schedule is standard – 8:00 to 16:00.
Employee clocks out at 16:07.
TrackTime registers the real time of clock out but will count it as 16:00.

Permitted lateness

Set „Permitted lateness” up to 10 minutes.
The schedule is standard – 8:00 to 16:00.
Employee clocks in at 8:07. Application displays the hour of real clock in but the work time counts from 8:00.

Permitted earlier exit

Set “Permitted earlier exit” up to 10 minutes.
Employee clocks out 7 minutes before 16:00 but work time counts up to 16:00.

IMPORTANT – If you don’t plan the standard schedule or plan the flexible schedule or your account hasn’t activated SCHEDULES module, then time snapping feature works as intervals.

For example:
Snap Clock In Times up to 15 minutes:
Clocks in at 7:47 > application counts to 8:00.
Clocks in at 8:02 > application counts to 8:15.
Clocks in at 8:16 > application counts to 8:30.

Snap Clock Out Times down to 15 minutes:
Clocks in at 15:52 > application counts to 15:45.
Clocks in at 16:02 > application counts to 16:00.
Clocks in at 16:18 > application counts to 16:15.
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