Attendance Report displays data about registered events.

Attendance Report

The most important elements of the Attendance Report are the types of graphics displayed.

Green rectangle
Informs you that everything is fine with registered events.

Yellow rectangle
Informs you that employee has arrived to the work but he has been late or has ended his workday too early. Click the rectangle for more details.

Red rectangle
Informs you about not expected absence in the work.

Green triangle
Informs you that employee is during the work.

Red triangle
Informs you that employee has arrived to the work, but something went wrong. For more details click on the selected triangle.

It proves that more than one Clock in/Clock out pair has been reported during the day, with an assigned Standard schedule. In such a situation, the schedule should be changed to "Flexible" with the given number of hours to be worked during the day. The Flexible schedule allows you to use any number of Clock in/Clock out pairs during the day.

Edit the events
Attendance Report lets you to edit the events . Just click on the triangle and hour of registered event.

You can export attendance reports to:
PDF file
CSV file
Excel file
Send directly by e-mail.
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